The manufacturing quality of our connecting rods is of paramount importance to Albon Engineering, and we take great pride that we are certified to manufacture connecting rods to BSI 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards.

These certificates of quality systems assurance form part of our methodology and internal manufacturing culture to produce world class engine components at a consistently high level.


Our current customer base requires full component traceability, statistically controlled critical characteristics, world class PPM limits in addition to a continuous improvement program that drives towards Year on Year improvements achieving and exceeding both customer and internal quality limits.
Our systems have helped us achieve customer recognition within their own quality programs, such as Caterpillar’s supplier quality excellence process (SQEP), which we achieved a bronze award for in 2012.

We understand that all our customers require complete and efficient transparency in our data collection and analysis, at any given stage we can access a database of information that could be vital to a supply chain concern in a precise, discrete and accurate manner.

As tier 1 suppliers we take an active role in guaranteeing our customers satisfaction with all elements of our connecting rod, this involves close monitoring and auditing of all our suppliers to a mutual reassurance they will receive world class components, on time and of the quality they expect and deserve.


Our vast knowledge and experience manufacturing engine components gives us the ability to apply a “lessons learnt” methodology to all new initiatives, this has many benefits including highlighting manufacturing concerns during the APQP process before production has commenced.

State of the art measurement equipment and computer programs, either lineside or strategically placed, along with bespoke gauging guarantees the quality of each component during the entire manufacturing process, enabling us to achieve accurate measurement correlation between ourselves and our customers, often using the exact same technology and methods.

With nearly 50 Years’ experience in producing high quality engine components, we are extremely confident, competent and competitive in every component we manufacture. This desire to satisfy and exceed customer expectations is what has driven Albon Engineering in the past and will help to forge our success in the future. 

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