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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a business’ action on environmental, economic, ethical and social issues. At Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC, we strive to contribute towards a more sustainable future for both society and the planet. We do this by ensuring we provide high-quality, innovative products and service. 

We set a high standard for how we do business, this helps our customers know that we can be trusted to deliver quality on time. Our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) & our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out and highlights what we as a company value. These are the principles and guidelines that define how we work, and what we stand for and who we are.

These documents apply to all "Suppliers", which are organisations in every form that design, supply, construct or otherwise provide goods or services for Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC. 

Our CSR and Code of Conduct for suppliers is not a set of rules and the policies won't cover every possible situation. They should be used and seen as a guide of our minimum requirements to do business with Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC. Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC commits itself to fair interaction with all business relations. 

For more information, you can open/download our Corporate Social Responsibility Guideline for our Suppliers using the link below. 

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