Albon forge ltd 


Albon Engineering & Manufacturing has set up a wholly owned subsidiary company called Albon Forge Ltd. This company will specialise in forging for Albon Engineering & Manufacturing and their customers.

This opportunity emerged when a supplier called SDF Automotive went into administration on 25th November 2019. SDF Automotive was one of the UK's leading forging companies for the supply of precision components particularly connecting rods. SDF Automotive had supplied Albon forgings for decades before its demise.

We believe this acquisition of key equipment will provide greater scope and integration to our business and for our customers. We trust this will excite current and potential customers with this new venture and we look forward to offering new project opportunities providing total support for both forging and fully machined products. 

Please do not hesitate to connect with your Albon representative or a team member through our contact us page where will be glad to provide further detail.