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New design technology needs to be proven, not only for strength but also endurance. Therefore, Albon Engineering and Manufacturing PLC have invested heavily, at our Research and Development site, in an engine dynamometer. This allows us to work with both potential and current customers, providing product support and exchange engineering data. An engine dynamometer enables engine component designs to be tested in their natural environment under extreme operating conditions. Details that include load, speed, temperature and time give accurate results of the performance of connecting rods under extreme operating conditions.

hot engine dyno

Most of our testing is either Steady State or Transient. Steady State being at a constant speed, constant load and over a set time. Transient testing involves stepped changes to speed and/or load. Manifold pressure and torque values can be set and there are safety overrides for temperature or pressure parameters.

Maximum power capability is 970kW at up to 5000 revs per minute with good resolution and control at all intermediate points. Performance is monitored with fast acting low inertia thermocouples and pressure with electronic sensors. Data may be logged at high speeds, tabulated and transmitted via internet as required to customers located worldwide. Closed loop temperature or pressure control is available for thermal or pressure testing to exacting standards linked with controlled ambient conditions. Analogue or digital signals may be collected for analysis from extra equipment if required together with noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) parameters.

Staff are familiar with the European & North American Power and Emissions testing to current and future emission legislations together with catalysis & trapping techniques, smoke and particulate measurement techniques.

Engine measurement and rebuild is available as a complement to the dynamometer facility. Full report preparation and publishing is part of the testing package and all work meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. 

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