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Over the duration of Albon’s history we have designed and manufactured all components that build an internal combustion engine. We have experience in machining engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, flywheels, bearing caps and connecting rods. 

When Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC first started there was a saying which was often used “No Job Too Small”, this was the right attitude to have to build what is now our companies product range. 

Larry Albon O.B.E in the early 1970’s was invited to Essex based Paxman Diesel Engine manufacturing and the component buyer at Paxman had a connecting rod on their desk. At this time the Paxman component buyer could not find anyone to make their connecting rod to the correct sizing. Larry convinced the buyer Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC was capable of achieving this. By securing this machining deal with Paxman Diesel Engine this created the product that is synonymous with Albon Engineering & Manufacturing PLC.